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The Families of Dweck: Working Together, Thriving Together

November 16, 2023

At Dweck Properties, many team members often describe the relationships they have with their coworkers as ‘feeling like family.’ But in some cases, like that of the Arredondo, Piedrahita, Guzman, Turkson-Harris, and Peña families, working at Dweck means working with their actual families. And when it comes to building a successful team, family bonds can make all the difference.

When speaking with each family member about their experiences at Dweck, patterns start to become apparent. Individuals such as Hermer Arredondo, Antonio Guzman, Josephine Turkson-Harris, and Martin Peña have spent nearly a decade of their careers with Dweck Properties. Each of these trailblazing family members enjoyed the work-life balance and community within Dweck’s work environment so much that they recommended positions in the company to their own family members.

Familes of Dweck Properties

“I like how Dweck treated me. They motivated and incentivized me and seeing that led me to referring my wife, Elisa, to work here as well,” said Hermer, a Property Manager at Dulles ICON. Hermer Arredondo joined the Dweck team eight years ago and it did not take long for him to recruit his wife, Elisa, who has been with the company for nearly the same amount of time. Starting as a Leasing Agent, she is now an Assistant Property Manager at Crystal Plaza. Hermer and Elisa Arredondo recruited their niece, Tatiana Piedrahita, to work for Dweckin 2019.

Tatiana works in Dweck’s corporate office as an Engineer Operations Administrator. Tatiana spoke highly about the benefits of working with family members. “You always have someone to rely on and someone you feel comfortable enough to ask questions around,” said Tatiana. When asked if there have been any funny moments while working together Elisa, quickly chimed in and said, “I call my husband, “mi amor,” meaning “my love,” but sometimes I send it in an email to the wrong person and I am immediately like, I am so sorry, I did not mean to send that to you.” Hermer, Elisa, and Tatiana all work in different locations and cherish the moments when they get to see each other during the work day.

Families of Dweck Properties

Antonio Guzman was the first in his family to begin working at Dweck Properties 11 years ago. Since then, his son, niece, and nephew have also joined the team. Beginning his career as a plumber, Antonio went back to school for engineering and is now the Maintenance Supervisor at Crystal Plaza. His hard work ethic and infectious positivity have made him a shining star within the company. When asked what inspired him to refer his family members to work at Dweck, he said, “I wanted something that is stable for them. I wanted them to work for a company that appreciates them. I couldn’t think of a better place for them than Dweck.” Antonio’s son Josh and nephew Junior have both followed in his footsteps, beginning their careers at Dweck working as Maintenance Technicians.

Since joining Dweck in 2019, Junior has seamlessly evolved into the role of Project Manager, while Josh has successfully transitioned into the position of Maintenance Coordinator. Antonio’s niece, Natalie has also seen personal success within Dweck’s workplace. She is a Leasing Agent at the Gramercy and is currently training to become an Assistant Property Manager. Both Josh and Junior spoke to the impact that Antonio has had on them in leading his family by example in his dedication to having an excellent work ethic in all that he does. “We want to make our family proud and live up to Antonio’s expectations because he has set a good example for us,” said Josh.

Families of Dweck Properties

Josephine Turkson-Harris began working at Dweck as an Assistant Property Manager at Park Pentagon Row in 2016. She is now a Property Manager at Crystal City Lofts and has been working with Dweck for seven years. Two years ago, Josephine recommended her daughter, Desiree, for an open position at the company. Desiree’s radiant personality and hard work have led to her recent promotion as a Leasing Consultant at Crystal Flats. When asked what it is like working together at Dweck, Desiree said:

“You get those sweet moments where you get to see each other briefly during the work day. I help my mom with work events sometimes, which is fun. We have that relationship where she is my best friend. We get two different perspectives and we have different experiences working for Dweck. Our properties are within walking distance from each other so it makes it easy to visit each other regularly.”

Both mother and daughter are often mistaken for the other, “we both had braids in at one point and people kept getting us confused since we look alike. ‘People are like, weren’t you just at the meeting?,’ and I have to tell them it was my daughter and not me,” said Josephine.

Families of Dweck Properties

Martin and Jesus Peña are brothers who work at Dweck Properties together. Martin joined the Dweck team in 2012 and began working as a Concierge. After consistently excelling in each of his roles, Martin is now a Property Manager at Quimby on 23rd (formerly The Buchanan). His positive experience working at Dweck led him to recommend his brother, Jesus for a position. Martin saw that his brother’s talents were a good fit for the role, so Jesus applied and joined the team in 2019.

“Jesus is good at interacting well with a variety of people. Working at Dweck brings a lot of job security. We tease each other here and there when we see each other at work. He lives across the street from Buchanan and sometimes he stops in and surprises me with lunch.”

Martin spoke about how working with family and working at Dweck with people who feel like family is a natural fit and fosters a positive work environment. “Dweck is very family-oriented,” said Martin. “When I look at working at a company, I am looking to see if the company aligns with my values and Dweck’s do.” Martin even met his wife through Dweck Properties. They started as friends and colleagues, but after she took a role outside of the organization, their friendship blossomed. Today, they have a beautiful baby boy (and potential future Dweckster), Jaxon.

Families of Dweck Properties

Working at Dweck Properties as a family is about more than just a job. It is a shared experience and a built in support system. The stories of the Arredondo, Guzman, Turkson-Harris, and Peña families are examples of that. Dweck is a place where family values and community are cherished and supported. Each of these individuals have gained more than just rewarding careers alone. These families are friends with each other as well. Antonio has attended Martin’s wedding and has seen him become a father to his son. Josephine is someone who Josh considers to be his ‘work mom.’ “It is like a family,” said Josephine, “we have open communication. Even when there are things to resolve and we agree to disagree, we don’t stay mad at each other and Dweck tries to work with you through challenges because they truly care for you as a person.” It is a testament to the unique environment at Dweck, where familial ties and a strong work ethic create space for each person to flourish both individually and together.

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