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Meet Jason Eman: Striking the Perfect Game

March 15, 2023

Bowling pro, family man, and property manager are just a few ways to describe Jason Eman. Jason is a Property Manager at Park at Pentagon Row, one of Dweck Properties’ apartment communities in National Landing. If he’s not at work you can find him prepping to bowl his 19th perfect game or spending time with his two daughters, Marissa and Amelia, and the love of his life, Cindy.

Born in Indonesia, Jason’s family moved to the United States when he was four. His father, a semi-professional bowler, began teaching Jason to bowl from a young age. Following in his father’s footsteps, Jason was naturally skilled in the game and began frequenting the bowling alley.

Jason was practicing bowling when he noticed Cindy, the granddaughter of one of the bowling alley employees who worked there part-time. Jason said his bowling game began to flourish because Cindy was always at the bowling alley as well. He began trying to find ways to get to know her. They were finally introduced by Jason’s sister, who also worked at the bowling alley. Jason’s 13th birthday was coming up and he wanted to have it at the bowling alley, but most importantly he wanted to make sure it was a day that Cindy would be there, too. With the help of his sister, they coordinated and Cindy came to his party.

“I had my moment, I got to show off in front of my friends and in front of her, we exchanged phone numbers and literally a couple of hours later we were texting so much, I called her and said, ‘Hey I know this is fast, but will you be my girlfriend?’ She said yes!”

Jason Eman, Dweck Properties Manager

For the next year the only time Jason and Cindy would get to see each other was at the bowling alley. ‘She would work and I practiced my game,’ Jason said. The pair stayed together over the next three years and Jason began receiving bowling scholarship offers from colleges.

“When I turned 16, a lot of colleges approached me because I was doing well in bowling. I bowled really well in a national tournament and got a lot of college offers. I’m a family man and didn’t want to leave Cindy or my family.”

Ultimately, Jason’s decision to stay near family was the right one for him. Deciding not to attend college was admittedly a significant decision but his bowling career did not end there. Jason and Cindy traveled to California, Las Vegas, Indiana, and all over the country where Jason participated in national bowling tournaments. When asked what it was like to bowl a perfect game eighteen times, Jason recalls the sensations and the pressure of the moment.

“Everyone watches and knows when you’re about to bowl a 300. It’s an adrenaline rush, you can feel the blood flowing. It feels like I’m swimming, I can’t even feel my feet. The first time I bowled a 300 was when I was seventeen.”

Jason Eman, Dweck Property Manager

Jason continued bowling and began working as a Property Manager. After working with other companies, Jason began working as a Property Manager at Dweck in 2018. That same year, he married Cindy. He spoke with a lot of gratitude for the leadership and the space that his job with Dweck gives him to devote his time to the people he holds dearest.

“Dweck has absolutely changed my viewpoint of work-life balance. They are a company for the people. I used to be treated like a number on a stat sheet in a previous role at a different company. It’s really given me the power to do what’s best for my family.”

Jason says the biggest thing he loves about what he does is the people he works with and the fact that they accept him for who he is. “The fact that my team accepts me for who I am gets me even more motivated to come to work every day,” he said. Reflecting on his life so far, Jason says he is grateful and finds a lot of fulfillment in knowing he has his family, friends, and bowling as constants in his life.

“If it wasn’t for bowling I would have never met Cindy, I would have never been the person I am today. Bowling is something that is near and dear to my heart. There are times that I have to prioritize other things but it’s something I could never give up. It’s my love and it’s what I can fall back on.”

In Arlington VA there are multiple bowling alleys where you can pick up the hobby, including a Bowlero underneath Dweck’s apartments at The Buchanan!. You can join a competitive league or bring your friends and family for a fun activity. You never know who you might meet – it very well could be the Cindy to your Jason.

Bowlero / 320 23rd St. S. Crystal City, VA 22202
Bowlero / 320 23rd St. S. Crystal City, VA 22202
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