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Meet Kate Vasquez: Raising Her Voice

May 1, 2023

Kate Vasquez is a singer, musician, choir lead, playlist curator and an Assistant Property Manager at Crystal Square. A leader in her industry at 23 years old, Kate brings dynamic energy that has given her success in many areas in her life.

As the daughter of a Venezuelan immigrant, Kate has seen exemplary determination and leadership in her mother’s life. Kate’s mother was an orphan and just 15 years old when she moved to the United States with her aunt. She learned to speak English through odd jobs and was unable to attend school. Overcoming many obstacles, she succeeded through her diligence and hard work, becoming a leader in her industry as a property manager. Following her mother’s legacy, Kate knew she also wanted to work in property management.

When she was just seven years old, her mother brought Kate into the property management office. ‘It was summertime and she told me, instead of sitting around you’re going to come to work with me,’ Kate said. From then on, she was immersed in the field.

“I would sit there and file audits, people would come in to pay rent and I was a little seven year old asking, ‘Are you here to pay your rent?’ I absolutely fell in love with the whole process as I watched my mom. I decided, ‘I want to do that when I get older.’ ”

An adaptable and capable leader, Kate officially began working in property management at 18 years old and quickly began serving in leadership roles. Through these opportunities, Kate said she has learned that each person brings unique value to the team and everyone has something to teach and contribute.

Just like her property management skills, her talents as a singer and musician began in her early years. Even as a toddler, Kate was able to carry a tune. Growing up, she remembers singing at the top of her lungs as her uncle played songs around the house.

Meet Kate Vasquez

“Music has always been a part of me, I think its something tied to the culture. There is always a song or genre for anything. So whatever you’re feeling, whether it be heartbreak or happiness, or just hanging out with friends, there is a song for that.”

Ever since her parents realized she had a talent for singing, they let Kate be in charge of the playlist at family gatherings. Kate recalls how her family introduced her to music that has been a part of their heritage and culture for decades, further developing Kate’s love for Latin music. She has been known to convince her mom to join her for regional Mexican band concerts and other Latin artists concerts: Los Tigres Del Norte, El Gran Combo, Grupo Niche and Hector Acosta.

“When I was sixteen my godfather gave me his keyboard and a microphone and said, ‘You know you’re a great singer and musician and I really want you to learn more. A good singer is always prepared, but a great singer always has their microphone.’ So from then on, I have carried my microphone wherever I go.”

Before she knew it, Kate was singing professionally at Quinceaneras, weddings, masses, funerals, and her church services. All of the inquiries she was receiving meant a packed schedule and full weekends of singing. Kate’s vocal talent, along with her knowledge of music, have made her a natural choice for leadership opportunities to lead choirs and other musical groups. Her commitment to music and her community are clearly displayed in her packed schedule, at one point singing new songs every Sunday for two years straight.

Meet Kate Vasquez

Kate is also committed to her Dweck community, specifically the Sazón Latino group, a community of Latino members who gather to celebrate their heritage, educate and inspire people within the community. In prior events, they have hosted a Salvadoran-American guest speaker who came to speak about their experience and success while working in an embassy. Of course there is a time for dancing and as usual, Kate is in charge of the playlist. She described how she begins the evening with upbeat and familiar songs. They dance Salsa, Bachata and Merengue and throughout the evening Kate plays both classic and familiar songs while incorporating newer songs into the mix as well.

Kate has found her place in the Dweck community. She values her team members and enjoys the culture that they cultivate in the office. She says that people are constantly asking her to sing at meetings or gatherings at work. This environment is a special one and she is grateful.

“My favorite thing about the job and Dweck is really the culture. They let you show your true colors and no one is going to judge you for that. Everyone is so welcoming and inviting.”

Kate’s favorite song playlist is linked here.