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Silvana Arellano: A Journey of Resilience and Empowerment

February 15, 2024

Behind every welcoming Dweck community lies a team of passionate individuals devoted to delivering extraordinary living experiences. One such individual is Sales & Service Trainer Silvana Arellano, whose story embodies resilience, determination, and a relentless pursuit of dreams. Her journey reflects not only her profound personal strength but also her dedication to empowering others, both at Dweck Properties and within her own family.

Joining the multifamily industry in 2014 as a bilingual leasing consultant, Silvana’s career path was fueled by her passion for helping others, propelling her through various roles until she joined Dweck Properties in 2020. By 2021, she had ascended to her current role as Sales & Service Trainer, where her dedication and hard work have made significant contributions to the Dweck community.

At Dweck, Silvana plays a pivotal role onsite within our communities, where she is instrumental in bolstering the team through her support, guidance, and the comprehensive training of new team members and leasing consultants. She runs an expansive array of training and development programs, like Dweck’s Leasing In Training (LIT) class, bi-annual Sales Summits, annual Property Roadshow, and workshops like “Acing Your Secret Shop” and “Closing Essentials.” In addition, she lends her expertise to support Assistant Property Managers, Property Managers, and Concierge. Motivated by a profound personal commitment to ensure that no colleague feels unprepared, Silvana’s methodology is deeply influenced by her own career experiences. Having observed the obstacles that newcomers encounter, she champions a philosophy of empowerment via education. This dedication to nurturing talent has led to numerous individuals under her mentorship thriving within the Dweck organization.

Meet Silvana Arellano

Silvana’s personal narrative is deeply intertwined with her immigration journey from Bolivia to the United States, a tale filled with hope, gratitude, and opportunity. This journey has not only shaped her personal values but also inspired her professional endeavors with a profound sense of purpose. Overcoming obstacles with unwavering determination, she navigated her family through the complex maze of U.S. immigration processes, showcasing her remarkable strength and determination.

Silvana’s mother faced a devastating scam during their immigration process, losing their savings to a fraudulent company. Undeterred, Silvana took on the responsibility herself, delving into the intricacies of immigration procedures. Through months of research and meticulous preparation, she created her mother’s immigration packet. Finally, she found a lawyer willing to offer guidance (after calling 20+ different lawyers), and her tenacity and meticulous approach eventually led to successful U.S. residency and citizenship for her family.

Meet Silvana Arellano

“When there is no other route, you have to do what you have to do,” Silvana says, reflecting on her experience. When asked about the most rewarding moments of assisting her family, tears well up in her eyes. “My naturalization ceremony. Singing ‘America the Beautiful’ as a new US citizen along with my family and children. It was surreal.”

Silvana has achieved the remarkable feat of not only securing citizenship for herself and her mother but also for other family members and extended relatives. Her accomplishments extend beyond personal triumphs, as she remains committed to her passion by guiding others on their journey to citizenship. Her endeavors represent more than just a minor pursuit — they embody her dedication to enacting positive change and instilling hope. Driven by the challenges her own family faced and powered by her success in navigating the complex system, Silvana’s work stands as a testament to her unwavering commitment to uplifting those around her and making a meaningful difference in their lives.

Meet Silvana Arellano

For Silvana, the most fulfilling aspect of her work at Dweck Properties is the people. Whether training new team members, supporting colleagues, or learning from others, she thrives on the collaborative spirit within the Dweck community. Her motivation stems from her family, especially her children. She wants them to witness the strength, resilience, and success achievable through hard work, both personally and professionally.

Reflecting on her tenure at Dweck Properties, Silvana cherishes her role in mentoring new leasing consultants, especially those starting without prior experience. She finds immense satisfaction in observing their professional development and achievements within the company. At Dweck Properties, Silvana emphasizes that the recruitment philosophy centers on individuals’ inherent values and character, prioritizing “heart” over technical knowledge. While Silvana is adept at imparting the necessary skills through her comprehensive training programs, she believes that the essence of being a compassionate and collaborative team member is intrinsic and cannot be taught. Witnessing her trainees ascend within the organization, whether to Assistant Property Manager positions or roles at corporate headquarters, fills Silvana with unparalleled joy. For her, these moments of mentorship and seeing her mentees succeed represent the pinnacle of her experiences at Dweck.

Silvana Arellano’s journey at Dweck Properties is not just a professional success story but a narrative of resilience, empowerment, and a commitment to giving back. As she continues to inspire those around her, Silvana’s story stands as a testament to the transformative power of hard work, determination, and a genuine desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Meet Silvana Arellano

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