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Meet Julio Ponciano: Dweck’s Maintenance Teacher Extraordinaire

January 15, 2024

Dweck Properties’ communities wouldn’t run smoothly without the behind-the-scenes efforts of our stellar 60-person maintenance team. That team is trained and coached by the talented and dedicated Julio Ponciano, our Director of Maintenance Engagement and Learning. With over 30 years of experience as a tech, Julio spends his days imparting maintenance wisdom and engineering troubleshooting tips to the next generation.

Born in Guatemala as one of eight siblings, Julio first ventured to the United States in 1989 after his father pushed him to learn a trade. Though the language barrier was tough at first, Julio persevered by honing his technical skills. He fondly recalls an early job in landscaping where he overheard a group discussing issues about a resident’s broken A/C unit. Julio offered to take a look and was able to fix it on the spot! The resident, who only knew Julio as her landscaper, was shocked. She ended up writing him a thank you letter that Julio still cherishes 30 years later. This lucky break showed his natural knack for all things maintenance.

Meet Julio Ponciano, Dweck Properties Director of Maintenance Engagement and Learning

From that point on, Julio’s career took off. Once settled in America, Julio spent three years learning English and five years establishing himself in landscaping and maintenance. But that fateful A/C repair got him noticed. He rapidly rose through the ranks to run his own HVAC company and teach technical classes. After stints with various property management leaders, Julio joined our Dweck team two years ago. Drawn to our strong culture of learning and growth, he now heads up training initiatives. This includes weekly “Tuesday Maintenance Tips” sessions where he trains technicians on best practices – from electrical repairs to diagnosing leaky valves.

Meet Julio Ponciano, Dweck Properties Director of Maintenance Engagement and Learning

Julio also troubleshoots issues remotely and answers late-night calls from his extensive network of protégés. After all of these years, he still loves paying forward the kindness of the mentor who first sparked his passion back in Guatemala. When Julio was 12, a man took him under his wing. The man took his time to teach Julio, and this experience changed Julio’s trajectory. It gave Julio something solid in his life through the teachings of patience and dedication. Now, Julio can take that experience and replicate it with the same level of skill and commitment.

Passionate about minimizing his environmental footprint, Julio has actively served as a dedicated proctor for the ESCO Institute, an online HVAC training organization, since 2003. His commitment lies in ensuring individuals remain well-versed with the latest EPA regulations, with a specific focus on Section 608 of the Clean Air Act. When asked what he considers his top three maintenance tips, Julio emphasizes understanding the intricacies of toilets, sinks, and caulk. But his next goal is to produce tutorial videos on multimeter usage for future tech trainings.

Meet Julio Ponciano, Dweck Properties Director of Maintenance Engagement and Learning

We’re so grateful to have Julio as both a technical wizard and inspirational teacher here at Dweck. He personifies our commitment to equipping employees with the tools they need to excel professionally and make residents smile. Julio’s dedication to continuous learning is infectious – reminding us all that growth and knowledge are things worth celebrating!

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