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Meet Emmanuel Frimpong: Dweck’s First Employee of the Month

July 14, 2023

Emmanuel Frimpong is known for his friendly demeanor, thoughtful care, and dedication to the residents of his community. So much so that his colleagues voted him Dweck’s first ever Employee of the Month! But for Emmanuel, his time as a concierge is just a small portion of his accomplished and fulfilling life.

Emmanuel Frimpong: Dweck’s First Employee of the Month

Emmanuel was born in the Besoro village in Ghana and lived there until he was about nine years old. His mother was the first person in his family to move to the United States while Emmanuel and his siblings stayed with family in Ghana. In 2008, they reunited as a family in Alexandria, VA when Emmanuel was just 17.

Meet Emmanuel Frimpong: Dweck’s First Employee of the Month

Emmanuel says he learned to value commitment and hard work in his early years. Outside of Dweck, he attends college at VCU and works another full-time position as a Business Analyst at CGI Federal – but his true passion is helping others.  It was this passion that inspired Emmanuel to start the Besoro Community Foundation. Emmanuel saw the community’s needs in his home village in Ghana and has worked with great effort to mitigate them.

“The Besoro Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the development of the Besoro and its environment in a rural community in Sekere-Kumawu district Ghana. Since our inception, we have made significant strides in improving the lives of the people within the district.”

One interaction in particular proved to be a pivotal moment in founding and running the non-profit.. His friend was trying to help a family buy school supplies for a child who could not attend school because she was unable to get the resources she needed.

“My friend gave me the family’s contact and I reached out to them. What surprised me was the amount they were asking for, was only $5. It got me thinking that this is not just her, there are a lot of families in this situation.”

 Meet Emmanuel Frimpong: Dweck’s First Employee of the Month

The foundation grants the community access to essential resources like food, clothing, healthcare supplies, education, occupational training and sustainable farming practices, and more. With fundraising of over $15,000 last year, they were able to even start building a community park!

 Meet Emmanuel Frimpong: Dweck’s First Employee of the Month

While running his foundation, Emmanuel has also been a top performer on the Dweck team as a concierge since 2018. A coworker spoke to the way he positively impacts the workplace and everyone he comes in contact with, saying, “He is a great inspiration to us all and should remind us of what one person really can do for the world!” Working at Dweck has given Emmanuel a way to pursue his dreams alongside a community of residents and coworkers who care for and support him.

“I care about people. Being nice and being supportive in any way that I can goes a long way.  The management of Dweck is a whole big family, they communicate with us. For you to know the boss of the company, that is really something.”

To learn more about the inspiring work of the Besoro Foundation or contribute to their cause, reach out to us at [email protected]. We’ll be delighted to personally connect you with Emmanuel who can provide you with all the information you need.

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