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Meet Brandi & John: From Virginia Tech to “DweckTerns” and Beyond

August 15, 2023

As Brandi Stacy walked across the stage to accept her “Assistant Property Manager of the Year” award at the 2023 DweckStars awards ceremony, she couldn’t quite believe her success. Just three years before, she was a Virginia Tech student majoring in Property Management and a summer intern here at Dweck. But with Brandi’s hard work and dedication to Dweck’s Internship Program and beyond, it’s no surprise how quickly she has flourished in her career.

A very excited Brandi accepting her APM of the Year award at this year’s DweckStars!

The Dweck Internship Program offers professional Property Management experience with the primary goal of training and integrating students and recent graduates into the industry.  In 2020, Lindsay Lindquist, Director of Learning & Development at Dweck, recognized the potential for Virginia Tech’s unique Property Management major to be a natural avenue for discovering and nurturing top new property management talent. She designed an Internship Program to exclusively offer selected Virginia Tech students the opportunity to enroll in a 10-week, intensive summer program at Dweck. Three years in the making, the program continues to equip students with experience and knowledge, setting them on the path to success in Property Management.

[Left] The Dweck team recruiting for the program at Virginia Tech. [Right] DweckTerns catch a Nationals game with their Property Managers.

Fondly known as “DweckTerns,” six Virginia Tech students are offered a spot in the program each year. During the internship they gain a comprehensive understanding of the property management field in the Washington, D.C. metro region. The curriculum encompasses leasing, financials, asset management, offering interns a well-rounded perspective of the industry’s intricacies. In addition to gaining industry knowledge and experience while still in school, all DweckTerns are offered a full-time position in the Dweck Assistant Property Management In Training (APMIT) program after graduation. Upon completion of the APMIT program, they are invited to apply to permanent management positions within Dweck.

“This partnership with Virginia Tech and the continued development of the internship and APMIT programs here at Dweck have been the highlight of my career,” says Lindsay. “We provide these students with the knowledge they need to be successful in the property management industry and we give them an in-person experience which just can’t be taught in a classroom.”

Brandi Stacy and John Sheedy are two outstanding success stories within this program. Brandi’s journey at Dweck began the summer after her junior year at Virginia Tech when she was selected to be a DweckTern. She completed the program, and after graduating the following spring, joined the APMIT program where she excelled. Her experience as an APMIT led her to easily snag a position as a full-time Assistant Property Manager. Her exceptional performance in her new role earned her the 2023 DweckStars award for “Assistant Property Manager of the Year.” Brandi is now bringing the program full circle while she mentors John, Dweck’s newest APMIT and former DweckTern.

Assistant Property Manager Brandi Stacy and Assistant Property Manager In Training John Sheedy, former DweckTerns

“I really like to help people, that has always been my main goal,” says Brandi. “I especially enjoy working with my team, sharing ideas and hearing their thoughts. I have learned so much from the leadership on this team. I have felt supported in so many ways, it is a big part of why I am still here today.”

Property Management, as Brandi and John can attest, is ever-changing. Each day presents new challenges and opportunities. From building trust and healthy relationships with residents, to leasing, overseeing accounts and maintaining 24-hour concierge services, to name a few, the responsibilities are numerous. Serving hundreds and even thousands of residents per community, each office buzzes with activity and daily interactions. Current and future residents are met by a dedicated team of leasing agents and property managers that diligently support their community.

Brandi loves assisting residents and collaborating with her exceptional team. She mentioned the incredible support, guidance and encouragement she receives from leadership. Similarly, John’s experience has been greatly impacted by the people he has met through both the internship and his current role in the APMIT program.

Among the heartwarming moments, Brandi spoke of one in particular that stands out to her – a touching encounter with an older resident. Brandi recalls assisting the resident in carrying her mail to her apartment. The resident was very grateful and welcomed her into her home and they chatted for a while. John’s favorite highlights include daily visits from residential dogs. He even mentioned how these dogs have almost begun to feel as if they are office pets.

Brandi and John’s success in their professional journeys speak to the integrity of their diligent work and preparation they garnered from their internship experience and the APMIT program at Dweck. The preparation students receive from the Virginia Tech Property Management major combined with the Dweck internship serves as a testament to the collaborative impact of education, partnerships and real-world experience. Through its comprehensive program, robust industry connections and heartwarming anecdotes, the Dweck Internship Program not only prepares students for successful careers but also nurtures a sense of community and empathy that defines the essence of property management at Dweck.

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