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Building A Sustainable Future

April 21, 2023

At Dweck Properties, we strive to promote and execute positive environmental solutions for our planet and our future. Since founding our management company in 2021, our team has launched a series of eco-friendly initiatives to create the most sustainable living environment for our residents. While there is always more work to do, we are proud of the progress we’ve made so far and will never cease to improve the way we take care of his beautiful home we call Earth.

Across the portfolio, we…

  • …installed hundreds of brand new, ventless dryers and matching front-loading washers, all with Energy Star rating, eliminating up to 10,000 cubic feet of exhaust per dryer load mixed with lint, moisture, and other combustibles per washing cycle. These washers use 13 gallons of water per wash while traditional machines can use up to 35 gallons per wash. Based on three wash loads per week, they save 2,652 gallons of water per machine.

At Crystal Towers, we…

  • …installed new chillers that operate on average 43% more efficiently than their existing counterparts and utilize a more eco-friendly refrigerant as recommended by the EPA.

At The Horizons, we…

  • …replaced old Space Heating (HVAC) Boilers with high-efficiency condensing type boilers, increasing fuel-to-water efficiency from 76-79% up to 98%+.
    • …replaced fan-assisted, standard combustion water heaters with high-efficiency condensing type water heaters, increasing efficiency from 80-85% up to 99%.
    • …upgraded new system pumps and DOAS blowers that will utilize NEMA premium efficiency motors, increasing efficiency from 85-91% up to 92-95%.

At The Buchanan, Crystal Towers, and Park at Pentagon Row, we…

  • …installed building automation systems that optimize HVAC and other building systems to reduce energy usage and save utility costs.

At Park at Pentagon Row, we…

  • … replaced corridor, stairwell, exit sign, and emergency lighting fixtures with energy-efficient LED equivalents. The (665) LED corridor will reduce energy usage by 33%, while the stairwell LED tubes will cut power consumption by 66%.

At Crystal City Lofts, we…

  • …installed new LED light fixtures that are rated for 70,000 hours which translates into 8 years of maintenance-free, highly sustainable LED lighting.

At ICON at Dulles and The Sutton, we…

  • …replaced old incandescent emergency lights with highly sustainable integrated LED emergency lights. In an emergency situation, these fixtures consume much less energy than the incandescent fixtures they replaced and last 5x longer.

Thank you to our amazing construction, development, and operations teams for all of their hard work in making our portfolio a greener place to live. Happy Earth Day!

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