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A Day in Annapolis: A Field Guide

June 1, 2023

Welcome to Annapolis, MD – a quaint, historic port city nestled along the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. Located just an hour outside of DC, Annapolis may just be the perfect place for a quick weekend getaway. The town, also Maryland’s state capital, is filled with Colonial history and a charming waterfront, lined with sailboats, colorful row homes and cobblestone streets. Not to mention a collection of local coffee shops, boutiques, bookstores and eateries.

To start your day off caffeinated, visit Ceremony coffee shop. There are two locations, one is the roastery where they roast the coffee beans in house. The other location is closer to downtown Annapolis. Their seasonal specialty drinks are currently Lavender Bliss, Sakura Bloom and Bananas in Pajamas.

A Day in Annapolis with Dweck Properties

Stop by Iron Rooster for breakfast or lunch. Be sure to order their delicious homemade pop tart that truly melts in your mouth in all of its buttery shortbread goodness.

A Day in Annapolis with Dweck Properties

For a selection of fresh, locally caught seafood, The Choptank is famous for their Chesapeake Bay oysters, steamed blue crab and crab cakes. A great dinner spot to sit dockside and watch the sunset with a lovely view of the water.

A Day in Annapolis with Dweck Properties

If looking for a creamy treat, Annapolis Ice Cream Co. on Main St. is a perfect spot to get your ice cream fix. Their ice cream is homemade in the shops every day. Have you ever heard of lemon poppyseed ice cream?

Shoppe Details and Design is a local boutique with a curated selection of designer brands and unique, one-of-a-kind collectibles.

A Day in Annapolis with Dweck Properties

Just around the corner from Main St. stands The United States Naval Academy. A prominent institution, renowned for its rich history, esteemed education, and enduring influence on the local community. The academy truly is intertwined with the fabric of Annapolis, and it is almost impossible to walk down the street without brushing shoulders with students on a run, reminding you of the illustrious history since 1845.

For history lovers, there are a number of historic colonial homes and buildings turned into museums that are open for tours, even the State House. You can purchase tickets for a private tour to learn more about the history of this small but pivotal town in American history.

The most delightful aspect of downtown Annapolis, Maryland is its remarkable walkability, allowing residents and visitors to easily explore the enchanting streets and captivating waterfront of the city, all just steps from the Chesapeake Bay and moments from Dweck Properties apartment community Annapolis Bay!

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